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Joe S Blanton

Nutritionist, Entrepreneur, Independence Coach

I love my Freedom, I have been an entrepreneur my whole life as I realized very early I did not like people telling me what to do, who really had no idea what I was doing.  I left the farm in Indiana as soon as I graduated from high school and joined the Air Force to see the world and get what ended up to be a priceless education.  My career was Electronic Warfare with a Top Secret security clearance which opened my eyes to what was really going on behind the curtain so to speak.

I started a construction company in my garage and grew it to the point of 52 employee’s, 18 vehicles on the road and working in 3 states. I also went into general contracting and property development. At that time I built my own commercial building. After the building was built, construction was no fun anymore, so I put the business up for sale very quietly, sold the business and changed my career to personal & professional development. I switched from selling what I could do with his hands, to selling an intangible.

Now I had to sell myself as a trainer representing Success Motivation Institute, (SMI). Our main focus was goal setting, sales training, time management. I was use to selling the physical end result of construction work I could do with my hands and I hit the wall big time when I began to sell an intangible. As I began selling myself as a trainer, and the results of training, I realized I had a whole new learning curve to go through to get to the success level I desired. I worked with my success coach, Jack Neima, at the SMI office and realized the value of having a personal coach who had already been where I wanted to go. I went to many different training’s and seminars and then discovered experiential workshops. I became a trainer in experiential 2 and 3 day intensive workshops in communication, leadership and team building like the ropes courses, fire walks etc.  

I quickly got somewhat discouraged as I saw the majority of people fired up and ready to take control of and change their lives when leaving the workshops, and then as they went back into their “family/work environment”, they lost focus as quickly slide back into accepting their “status quo” and loosing site of the Vision they realized for changing their lives in a direction they wanted to create. It was during this time I was exposed to the home based business industry of network marketing. It made perfect sense to me as really the last bastion of hope for most people to find the financial and time freedom they wanted, and I began another learning curve to understand working with a volunteer army of independent people working together for a common goal of freedom for anyone willing to work for it. Freedom, I quickly understood, has a different definition for each person.

I have developed my own philosophy of “owning our own world” and learning to write and coach in first person language so the learning curve is shorter, more effective, understandable and takes on ownership. I know the value of a good coach, Therefore I know the value of being a good coach to anyone who is really ready and wants to take their journey to the next level. I found the “potential” is the most available and least used talent in the world.  

The best lesson I have learned along the way is that no one can do it for me, and I can not, nor can anyone do it for another person.  I would see the potential in a person and want their success more than they did and spent a lot of time “trying” to make them successful, to find they very seldom did the work required to move to their next level.

Here after many years, I discover this “distinction”. I can not help you be more successful, no one can, however, I can, as can many, “Help YOU Help YOURSELF” become more successful.  We can guide you to everything you need to be more successful EXCEPT “Desire”.

It becomes a Mentor-Apprentice plan of coaching, and the Apprentice “always” has to make the first move Every time and “earn” the respect and time of the Coach.   If you’re feeling ready to make a commitment and take that first step, find a coach the you can trust who is “currently” demonstrating the success you desire, put a plan together understanding the time, energy and money commitment required, and go to work!  

Joe S Blanton

Let me know if I can answer any questions for you on Wellness and/or Wealthy, Let’s talk soon